Understanding the Artificial Intelligence in Vehicles

Although we’re still on our way to driving fully autonomous vehicles, the new cars, trucks, SUVs and vans that are being sold now also have some forms of artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in them. Here are some of the places where AI has been incorporated into today’s vehicles:

The Hood

AI will soon be used to help predict and diagnose maintenance requirements on the car. At the moment, the sensors that are built into the vehicles provide a lot of data that are used by mechanics to help diagnose a problem. In the future, however, it’s expected that sensors will be able to provide data regarding predictive maintenance in order to help prevent any further mechanical issues.

Inside the Vehicle

There are different types of cameras being used today that help to prevent accidents before they happen. Many commercial vehicles feature special monitors that can detect fatigue, drowsiness, distraction and inebriation and will alert the driver if it detects anything. Personal vehicles are also being subjected to the same type of technology but this is just at its beginning stages. Inward facing cameras will be a life-saving opportunity to prevent animals and children from being left in a car by accident.

AI will also be perfected for ridesharing so that the driver can know that all passengers are on board safely before leaving for the destination. This type of intelligence will also be able to send notices when personal items such as cell phones or purses are left behind in the vehicle.

Artificial intelligence will be able to improve the overall experience of the drive with language processing and gesture recognition. Drivers will be able to adjust different settings in the vehicle and control the audio while driving.

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