Tips for Selling Vehicles to Parents and Dog Owners

If you own a dealership or are currently working in one, there is no doubt that you will run into potential customers that are parents or dog owners. Approaching these customers will be different than approaching individuals that are single or couples. Parents are looking for the safest vehicles for their kids within their budgets that they can purchase. Dog owners that travel with dogs are looking for enough room and a comfortable space for their doggy passengers.

Never underestimate the power of focusing on the children and the dogs when making your sale. In many cases the person that is buying the vehicle will be setting aside his own preferences in order to find the right car, truck, SUV or van  that will accommodate his loved ones. You must speak to these people on these terms in order to make the sale. Pointing out special features that may be of interest to the person buying the vehicle should be done as a secondary sales tactic.

If you don’t understand their points of view, you’ll just need to roll with it. Ask a lot of questions about the children including their ages, whether they’ll need to be transporting sporting equipment with the children, whether they’ll be offering the vehicle for carpooling with friends etc. If the potential customer is a dog owner and is talking a lot about his dog, find out how it will be transported, how big it is and whether there is a crate involved.

People love to talk about their pets and their children and this is a great way to build up an emotional bond with the customer before you. You’ll be asking questions that are related to the purchase of the vehicle but at the same time you’ll be establishing a rapport. While other salespeople in different dealerships will be pointing out the latest gadgets and upgrades for the driver, you can concentrate on pointing out the safety factors, the comfort levels and the spaciousness of the vehicles in question.

Understanding your customer and finding out exactly how to relate to his wants and needs will build your sales. Find out more about dealership sales and the latest trends for new cars in 2018 and moving forward by visiting our website at If you have any questions at all you can always contact us by phone at 1 877-888-2571.