Manage your RentalFleet and Recover Costs

Real-time tracking ACE allows dealers to manage their rental cars and fully recover their appointment costs.

Fleet Management

  • With GPS tracking you can quickly determine the location of your rental fleet
  • Telematics data lets dealers track ful level and current mileage on each vehicle
  • Review & forecast your driver utilization and actively minimize downtime

Recover Costs

  • Fuel tracking allows dealers to identify fuel consumption charges
  • Toll routes fees are instantly calculated and charged out to customers eliminating confusion and lost revenue
  • An online payment processor allows quick and secure payment via credit cards or PayPal.

Customized Alerts & Notifications

  • Customer receive alerts when driving onto toll routes or outside of acceptable driving areas ie province/state
  • Dealers are notified of bad driving behaviours such as excessive speeding, high mileage or collisions
  • Dealers are notified of key appointment issues such as vehicles not returned at the agreed promise times