Mobility Logistics for the Dealership

The ACE platform allows your dealership to manage your customer mobility needs with the power of AI.

Driver Tracking

  • With real-time tracking, you can determine the location of drivers during tasks and get accurate ETAs
  • Assign tasks to Drivers based on accurate availability based on time and location
  • Review & forecast your driver utilization and actively minimize downtime

AI-Powered Pooling for Shuttles & Valets

  • ACE will actively suggest optimal pooling opportunities for your shuttle/valet tasks based on Machine Learning algorithms
  • The AI-powered system provides the shortest routes to multiple ick/dropoff locations based on traffic and weather data

Keep Your Customers Informed

  • Customer are able to view their driver location nd ETAs in realtime on their own personal device
  • Customers receive SMS or push notifications informing them when the driver is on their way or if there is a delay
  • Customers can easily contact the driver or dealership