Electric Trucks and Buses Stole the Show at the Global Climate Action Summit

The Global Climate Action Summit was held in San Francisco earlier this week and the displays of electric buses and electric trucks became showstoppers. State organizations and officials were pledging to purchase electric vehicles to replace the large fleets of trucks and buses that are running on diesel fuel.

Industrial and commercial vehicles burn a large volume of diesel and are responsible for a lot of the greenhouse gas emissions that are found in the cities. Replacing these types of engines with battery power will not only reduce these emissions but it can also save the government a lot of money on operating and fuel costs.

In China there are already 300,000 electric buses operating while long-haul trucks are just starting to see the new technology. CALSTART, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on clean transportation technology on a global basis, announced a new program that will be focusing on commercial heavy duty and medium sized electric vehicles. These vehicles will include shuttle buses, transit buses, urban trucks, port handling equipment, yard tractors, delivery trucks and cargo trucks.

At the summit, the CEO of IKEA announced that it will be using 100% electric vehicles for delivery in 5 cities including New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Paris by 2020 and expects to have 100% usage of electric vehicles by 2025 for last-mile deliveries. Other companies with fleets also voiced their commitment to using electric vehicles.

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