How Dealerships Can Increase Their Facebook Fan Base

Building a huge fan base on Facebook is good for business and quite simple to do when you know how. The idea is to commit to a goal, have someone managing the social site and to get everyone in the dealership participating in the project. This will be a process but it is one that will increase sales by building brand loyalty. Here is a guideline you can use to both get started and to build a huge fan base for your dealership.


Facebook manager – Appoint someone as a manager for your Facebook page and have him take the responsibility of posting and managing the account.


Put up signs – There should be signs placed throughout the dealership that say “Find Us on Facebook”. They should also be placed in the service area so people can find the page while they are waiting for their vehicles to be fixed.


Frontline employees – Any frontline employees including salespeople, service advisors and cashiers should be trained to ask people to like the Facebook page.


Posting – It’s crucial to have posts put up on a regular basis with fresh new content. There are always stories to be told and information to be shared that would be relevant to your customers.


Employees – Make sure that all employees have liked the page and encourage them to ask their friends and family members to do the same. When customers see that there is already a strong fan base in place they are more likely to become fans themselves.


Promotions – Advertise special Facebook promotions online and in the dealership. Put up special offers from time to time that can only be accessed on this social site.


Contests – Contests are great way to increase your fan base on Facebook. Decide on a prize that would attract visits and provide an entry to anyone that agrees to like your page. You’ll be surprised just how many new fans you’ll accumulate with just this step alone.


A large fan base on Facebook can help increase conversions significantly for your dealership. A fan will definitely keep you in mind when it’s time to get a new vehicle and when you have enough consumers as fans you’re sure to see more sales.

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