Lot Management Tool for Dealerships

Achieve the perfect customer satisfaction by making the customer journey at your Dealer a smooth experience. Never make the customer wait while your sales team searches for a vehicle. Avoid the embarrassment of demoing a car with a dead battery.

Qodelogix Lot Management Tool allows you to do all these things by
connecting Dealers to their cars.

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Efficiency is Key

Dealers are a multi-faceted operation, from sales to service, with your cars being the center of it. Increase internal communication about vehicle location and eliminate time consuming tasks like Battery checks and inventory audits.

Improved Sales

It’s never a good idea to keep your customers waiting. Customers may experience up 30 minutes of delays and wait times caused by the sales team not being able to locate demonstration vehicles or specific models. Qodelogix eliminates these website by giving your sales team the tools to quickly locate customer ready vehicles.


Theft & Abuse Detection

Get complete control and visibility of your inventory. Automatically receive alerts when dealership vehicles leave the lot after operational hours. With your loaner vehicles, instantly learn if your fleet is being driven aggressively or if it’s been in an accident.